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Margaret Wood

Margaret is a bakeshop owner and restaurant franchisee. She has been running small businesses since she was a teenager, operating a small shop she ran from her family’s garage buying and selling used items from her neighborhood. Over time, she applied her entrepreneurial skills to her one, true passion: baking. After graduating from a top cooking academy in the country, she traveled across Europe to learn more about her industry. There, she noticed how smaller businesses that focused their energies on customer satisfaction were succeeding over larger chains.


After returning home, she opened her first bakeshop in her hometown, and from the money she has earned, invested in 3 restaurant franchises in the West Coast. She is married to George, an accountant, and she has 4 wonderful children.

Harvey Matthews

As a child, Harvey Matthews was always fascinated by cars. Every opportunity he got, he devoted to learning more about cars, trucks, and other automobiles. By the time he finished college (majoring in Mechanical Engineering), he knew everything he needed to know to open his own repair shop. But as he was shopping for a spot for his shop, he realized the appeal of real estate too. After becoming a certified mechanic, he immediately went for his real estate license. He then opened his car repair shop/real estate agency in his home city, where he helps people fix their cars and find a home with a nice garage.

He lives with his wife, Sharon, and their 2 sons.

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith graduated from a top university in the East Coast with a degree in Marketing in 2007. Even back then, she saw the potential of applying her marketing skills in the digital landscape and social media and sought to learn more about how to do so. She opened one of the first full-service digital marketing firms in the East Coast shortly after. Since then, her small 80-person agency has serviced more than 200 local companies and have boosted the digital presence of small-to-medium enterprises in her hometown.


Between spending time with her kids and running her agency, she also volunteers at the local fire department and is an accomplished rock climber, competing in various local competitions.